Case Study: The Phoenix Rehabilitation & Nursing Center (March 2019)

Patient’s age: 66-years-old
Admission date: 03/04/19
Admitted from: Brooklyn hospital
Discharge date: 03/26/19
Discharged to: Home
Length of stay: 3 weeks
Reason of stay: Pain in left leg.
How did patient hear about the Phoenix? Referred by the hospital.

Details of Experience:
Ms. McCall was admitted into The Phoenix on March 4th, 2019 from the Brooklyn Hospital Center. She had been suffering pain in her left leg, so she would need plenty of physical therapy. Ms. McCall was planning on being a short-term resident. She was in great spirits on coming to the Phoenix because she felt like she was in great health before the injury and was eager to get even more stronger.

Once Ms. McCall arrived, her perception was very positive. She felt the community was very clean and well kept, she also loved the new rehab gym! She met many of the staff, which included all of the directors. She met the social worker who visited to explain everything she would be doing while healing at The Phoenix and what the goals were regarding her discharge process. She also met the patient concierge, who welcomed her with gifts and was very attentive to any questions she had. Within the first 48 hours, Ms. McCall was completing evaluations with the patient concierge so that everyone on the team could have a better understanding as to who she was as an individual, her likes and dislikes, and seeing how things were going thus far. She also began her physical therapy process, which was not easy due to the pain she was suffering from her leg. She knew her main goal was to come to the physical therapy space at least once a day to work on getting healthy again.

She had also participated with the Urban Zen activities which were helpful because it helped relax her mind being that she was a bit stressed about her leg situation. On a positive note, Ms. McCall was doing very well with therapy by working hard and being consistent with her workouts. The nursing staff was giving her medication for the pain she endured. As time went by, Ms. McCall was very pleased with how things were going at the facility. She felt the strength getting back in her leg far as she was walking on it, the food was good, and she was pleased with her room. Ms. McCall also developed a good relationship with the concierge whenever she had a question or inquiry.

Upon the last few days at the Phoenix, Ms. McCall had a meeting with the rehab director and the social worker director regarding her status. They approved her to be discharged stating that she was doing very well with therapy being ahead of schedule, she was walking better, and she would be able to return home! To do so she just needed to follow some instructions once she returns home. Her discharge date would be on March 26th, 2019, Ms. McCall had a lot of family support who would be able to bring her home and be able to check on her as well. She was ready to get back to her old life. Ms. McCall stated that she will recommend the Phoenix to anyone she knows who needed in patient therapy.