Upcoming Events

The Phoenix Celebrates The Winter Season! 

Please visit our February recreation calendar for more exciting programs taking place throughout our community!

Bringing Bourbon Street to Brooklyn! 

Join us for our Mardi Grad celebration on February 13th as we bring “Bourbon Street to Brooklyn!” 

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Love is in the air at The Phoenix! We are turning our main dining space into a lively Jazz club on the 14th. Please join us for live musical entertainment as we jam to renowned love songs throughout time’s most historic eras. 

Happy Chinese New Year! 

We are celebrating the “Year of the Dog” on February 16th! Join us for delicious, cultural cuisine, festive music, and lots of fun!  

Celebrating Black History Month! 

We are excited to share beautiful music and candid testimonials during our Black History Month observance and celebration. Be sure to join us on the 20th for this very special day.