Upcoming Events

The Phoenix Celebrates The Spring Season! 

Please visit our April recreation calendar for more information on the exciting programs taking place throughout our community!


Singing with Allison

Loosen those vocal cords up because on Thursday, April 11th, Allison will be hosting a Sing-a-Long! We look forward to hearing all of our residents sing during this special event! Join us for an afternoon of fun and music.

Massage Therapy Group

Kick back, relax, and release the tension with our Massage Therapy Group. On Wednesday, April 18th, our massage therapy group will be hosting a session for all residents – a perfect way to spend a Wednesday.

April Birthday Celebration

It’s time to celebrate our monthly birthdays! Join us in celebrating our April Birthdays  with the soulful sounds of Andrea and company. Our birthday celebrations are a vibrant experience and a can’t miss!