Denis West, RN, BSN, MSN

Assistant Director of Nursing

Assistant Director of Nursing

Denis is from Georgetown, Guyana, where he started his nursing career at age 17. After graduating from the Georgetown School of Nursing, he worked as a nurse manager and clinical educator in pediatric and social disease clinics.

Some of his achievements include founding the Male Nurses Association and serving as the Coach-Athlete of the Ministry of the Health Athletic Team. He is a student of Swami Yogeshwaranad, the founder of the Yoga Niketan trust located in Rishikesh, India. Mr. West was awarded the title of Hathayoga Acharya from Swami and subsequently became the leader of the yoga Niketan branch in Guyana. He completed the reserve officer training and became the first reserve officer to become a paratrooper in Guyana. He also has a 3rd-degree black belt in Judo. He is a national Judo champion and competed in international competitions including the Pan American judo championships. Denis West is the President of the Guyana Judo Association.

Mr. West's journey into the healthcare field started as a home attendant, then nursing assistant, followed by LPN, RN, MDS assessor, MDS coordinator, Director of Comprehensive Assessment Management (CAM), private school CNA instructor, CNA Evaluator with NACES (Nursing Assistant Competency Evaluation Services), Associate Director of Nursing, Staff Educator, and NYSDOH LTC surveyor.

Mr. West holds a bachelors and master's in nursing with certifications specific to long-term care including SMQT (state surveyor), Gerontology, and MDS 3.0 credentialing.