“My Aunt Helen has been at The Phoenix since 2016. Last spring, she was hospitalized due to a stroke, resulting in the loss of her ability to speak, and on January 19th, she had a seizure and was rushed to Brooklyn Hospital. After two weeks of care at Brooklyn, Helen was discharged and returned to The Phoenix, but this time it was unlike any other return; she was returning under ‘palliative care.’

I needed support, and it came in the form of my Niece Kim and Ms. Hutchinson, a Social Worker at The Phoenix.

Thanks to Ms. Hutchinson’s abilities to navigate systems, she swiftly expedited not only the additional care of Visiting Nurses Services but also the provision of a private room for Helen. Those two accomplishments were precious, appreciated beyond words, and lifted a ton of heavyweight from my soul. Ms. Hutchinson’s ability to navigate the system is outstanding for sure, but what makes her an exceptional attribute to the Phoenix’s team, its residents, and the family members, are her characteristics. She is professional, compassionate, kind, a brilliant listener (hearing what is not said but needed), supportive, and she is an advocate for what is best for the residents, without disregarding the principles of others, and that is not a small feat. Couple those characteristics with a “get the job done attitude,” and you’ve got Ms. Hutchinson. Both Helen and I are blessed and thankful, and made more resilient and comforted by Ms. Hutchinson’s services, care, support, and effectiveness, especially during this deeply challenging time.”

— San C.

“I have 3 words to describe The Phoenix. A—MA—ZING!

I had knee replacement surgery, and I met with the Director of Marketing, prior to my discharge from the hospital and he confirmed the details of my transfer to the Phoenix for on—site physical and occupational therapy. He stopped by my hospital room to introduce himself personally to me. He not only gave me his contact details but the contact information of 2 members of the Concierge Team at The Phoenix ensuring that I’d have someone I could reach out to should I need. This was impressive to me because, in this age of technology, it’s refreshing to have that human connection. Little did I know that that human connection which he showed me in my hospital room that day, was indicative of the wonderful treatment I would receive here at The Phoenix.

The Nursing Staff are indeed super heros. Not only did they give me expert professional care but they had a passion, a heart, for what they do. Nursing is very hard work but this Nursing team at The Phoenix made it look flawless and functioned like a fine tuned machine. Not only were they professional and passionate about what they do, the Nurses were also personable and friendly. Professional. Passionate. Personable. That’s the Nursing team at The Phoenix.

The tips and the knowledge that the Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy shared with me— INVALUABLE. After knee replacement you have to learn how to do everything all over again. How to walk, sit, get dressed etc. They worked with me in such a way that raised my confidence in my ability to return to “the world” again and resume my normal activities. I am a cyclist and not only do I need to get back to normal activities, I need to get back on my bike. They understood this and tailored a program for me and my athletic needs.

While my stay was short, I also had the opportunity to witness the special care in which the Nursing Staff gave to my roommate, an elderly woman. The Phoenix is a rehabilitation center and Nursing home. Not only is this a great place of rehabilitation from joint replacement surgery, it is also a great place for your elderly family members and loved ones. You can rest assured that they will be well taken care of here at The Phoenix.

The Phoenix is an EXCEPTIONALLY CLEAN facility. A huge plus when searching for the right place to receive on—site rehab and Nursing care for the elderly. The Housekeeping Staff came around daily not just to tidy up but to actually clean my room and refill any supplies which were used.

If you are looking for a rehabilitation facility or Nursing Home, look no further than The Phoenix Rehabilitation and Nursing Center. You will be in great hands here!

Keep up the excellent work!”
— Lita Woods (aka Rocky )

“I want to update everyone on my Uncle Victor. Over a year ago, my uncle was very ill, and the staff at The Phoenix Rehabilitation were very thorough in nursing him back to health. As of March 3rd, my uncle was checked out from The Phoenix Rehabilitation, and into an Assisted Living Facility in The Bronx, near his family. I was told by Victor that he played hoops in the game room, and was so stunned I almost fell out of my chair! He is so happy. I will always be grateful.” — The Bloom Family

“My Uncle Victor came to The Phoenix a few months ago and was nursed back into health; thank goodness for the staff! Victor is a happy camper, and I am pleased with the attention that is given to him each day. He loves his meals, and his clothes are washed and folded neatly every day. Victor is supplied with a fresh set of night garments for when it is his bedtime. The nurses and the caregivers are very friendly. His social worker, Joseph, listens and is very reliable. Victor has changed positively during his time at The Phoenix. He is motivated to improve mobility and lives life to the fullest. Victor’s positive attitude means a lot more than anything to me because all I want is the best for my uncle. The Phoenix Rehabilitation & Nursing Center has proven to be that! Victor now lives on the 10th floor. Victor is happy and so am I!” — Linda B.

“My aunt Helen has been at The Phoenix for over two years now.  So far we have been blessed to have the support of the administration and an outstanding Fifth Floor Team. Everyone has been amazingly supportive, caring, and always willing to go that extra mile to see that my aunt Helen remains cared for.  Helen is now 91—years—old and remains healthy. She’s upbeat, enjoys dancing, engaging in diverse conversations, attending live performances, etc.  So far, I am very pleased and happy that she is serviced by the Fifth Floor Team — big shoutout to:  Aijun, Beverley, Judy, Leslie, Thonine, John, Lilly, Pablo, etc.!”
— San C.

“I like the facility here. The staff are very nice and patient with my dad.” — D. Lee

“I like this place a lot, everyone is friendly and the place is clean.” — T. Bowen

“The facility is beautiful, and I see a lot of happy residents and staff here. I have been here more than two months, and we had a nice outdoor BBQ today. I have a fantastic park view, great food, and great music. I wish you guys can do this more often.”

“I came here on a Tuesday, and on Wednesday night, I was in a lot of pain. Your staff from the 3—11 shift who came into my room, really gave me the best care ever. I was crying and the nurse came to me, calmed me down and rubbed my back for me. It meant so much to me.” — H. Yolanda

“Compared to the other rehab centers I have stayed at before, this community has a pleasant atmosphere and attentive service. The staff keep coming back to me just to check if I need anything. I’ve never had this type of experience in the past. People really do care about you.” — M. Lugo

“I like it here. This actually my second time here at The Phoenix. The staff provides excellent care and the meals are all great. The entertainment and activities are also awesome. This will definitely be my first choice if I ever have surgery again.” — V. Larry

“This is the second time being here for rehab. It is a great place, people try to accommodate you with their best. Before I arrived, my son called the facility to see if they can reserve my old room because I had a good relationship with the roommate. Unfortunately, the bed is already occupied, but they are able to accommodate me to the room next to it, and on top of that, it’s a private room. I really want to thank all the staff who made me so comfortable being here.” — N. Lee

“We love our residents. We give the best care to our residents because people trusted us and gave us the opportunity to take care [for] their loved ones.” — N. Alexandre (CNA)

“I like everything here. Especially my room; [it] has a window view of the park. I was in a different rehab center before, [it] is much better compared to the one I stayed before. The place is clean and with a lot of sun light in the morning. [The] Therapist is very friendly and surely knows how to make me stronger in the right way.” — P. Chan

“The facility is beautiful. I’m most impressed with the highly skilled, hard working and dedicated nursing staff at this facility.” — C. Sutton (RN ADM NURSE)

“I love working here because it’s a family oriented facility. I’ve grown to love the residents like my grandparents; love seeing them everyday.” – K. Marcial

“I love working here because it gives me the opportunity to care for others who can’t care for themselves. I love to put a smile on their face each day.” – A. Hamid

“I enjoy this facility, and I am glad I made the right choice.” – M. Edith

“I arrived here two days ago. I feel like I am a complete different person already. The staff gave me a nice shower and treated me very well. I am looking forward to seeing therapy and starting my section.”
– W. Coon

“I was in the hospital for nine days before I came here. I met so many people who introduced themselves as I arrived; this made me feel very comfortable right away. Thanks to my therapist — he’s amazing.” – S. Tang

“My daughter is the one who recommended this place to me; she works in the hospital. She knows all the facilities and this is the best one that fit my needs. This is what I expected, people are kind and therapy is great. I am looking forward to go home soon.” – B. Campbell

“I like the way people handle my concerns. It’s a new place for me and I am very comfortable at this moment. I love my private room and my therapy is very professional and he always has a way to make me laugh. I feel very comfortable with him.” – E. Coppin

“The staff is amazing here. They take care of me very well. My daughter really made a right choice for me. This place is so beautiful, I don’t mind living here. I love my PT (Joan) and OT (Daisy). They are very professional and take care of me with care.” – M. Hogg

“I am going to be here for a week only. The services here are great and the staff are wonderful. I will miss this place when I leave.” – L. Chishlom

“I have worked as the wound care nurse in conjunction with the entire Phoenix Team. It has been a wonderful experience to help people get their wounds healed and have a better quality of life. The Phoenix has always been very supportive to provide the best possible solutions and the medical doctors and staff work together to achieve the best possible outcomes for the residents. I am very happy to be a part of this wonderful Team!” – Alice Yu, Wound Care Nurse

“It’s my second time being here, I really enjoyed my stay last time. I totally believe in the therapy here, they really know how to motivate you and encourage you. With their help, I believe I will get stronger soon.” – S. Behlin

“I am leaving in four days. I feel that I am a completely different person compared to the first day I arrived here. Therapy is just simply amazing.” – F. Walker

“I like how everyone coordinates together. I recently moved down to the brand new renovation floor; it’s very nice. The services they have in here are just wonderful. I know it’s going to take a lot before I can go home, but I believe in the staff here, they are just wonderful.” – F. Fay

“I am here for rehab after a knee replacement. So far, it’s been a week and I feel a lot better than before. People were right about The Phoenix Rehab department, they are amazing. Everyday I can feel my condition is getting better. I love to watch TV, and I can’t believe they have Direct TV services here. Everything just goes very well here.” – C. Monroe

“I like the way my therapist motivates me everyday. I understand it’s not easy, but I feel very comfortable because of him. We talk about life and we laugh together. My daughter told me how wonderful this facility after she did a tour. This place is exactly what I expected.” – C. Cates

“I want to specially thank the social worker in the Methodist Hospital. She strongly recommended your facility to me because of the amputee walking school. Once I arrived, the nurse gave me a nice shower, which I really loved. The food is delicious. Now I am just trying to get used to my condition and I want to get stronger. I understand it’s not easy in rehab, but I have faith.” – K. Ellis

“I was here 3 years ago and I loved the therapy here. Right now, I am here again. I see the facility is improving. There are brand new rooms and new services. Also, I am glad to meet with the therapist who helped me three years ago. I have confidence in him and I am glad to be here again.” – R. Thomas

“I am here for rehab after a car accident. I really love the staff in here and I do appreciate they placed me in an Asian Unit due to my language barrier I had in the past in the hospital. Everyday is just great.”
– M. Zhang

“This is my second time back to The Phoenix. I am here for a four week treatment. I had a wonderful experience the first time and I believe this time will be even better. I want to thank to my therapist who works hard with me.” – E. Perez

“This place is too comfortable; they spoil me. I am here to get better after my knee replacement. I want to thank my therapist who makes me feel stronger than before. Nursing on the floor is amazing. The concierge visits me very often just to see how I am doing. Overall, this doesn’t feel like a nursing home. I feel great.” – A. Fogle

“I like the concierge service here. He stands as the middle person between the facility and my family. This is a new environment for me, he always shows me and guides me in the proper direction. I feel very comfortable with him.” – S. Eng

“I love my room; everything looks brand new in here. I feel very comfortable. The amenities in here are amazing — cable TV, a private phone for me to use and free WIFI! I love to read on my iPod.”— S. Gantt

“I chose here after my daughter came here for a tour. She came back to the hospital telling me about how beautiful this facility is. I was amazed when I arrived. It is beautiful. All the staff treat me with respect. The best thing everyday is waking up in the morning to meet with therapy.” – S. Hicks

“I like the fact that everyone listens to my concerns. Thanks to my social worker, they helped me make a room transfer. Because of that, I am able to sleep through the night. I look forward to my next rehab section tomorrow.” – S. Robertson

“The place is clean and smells good all the time. I see everyone is very busy but they still get the job done very well.” – L. Zheng

“I like the fact that this facility has its own shuttle bus. It makes it easier for my family to come to see me. Another thing I like about here is this is a very clean place.” – L. Sanchez

“I didn’t know anything about this place when I was in the hospital. My daughter was the one who did the research on the internet and came here for a tour. She liked it, that’s why she asked the hospital to send me here. I love the rehab department, they are amazing. I believe with the care I received, I will be going home in no time.” – B. Winn

“When I started here three months ago, I was very nervous — new job, new facility and new people. It was clear to me after my first day that The Phoenix was the perfect fit for me. The staff welcomed me with open arms. I can honestly say, I work with an amazing group of people. Every day I learn and grow and I know that I will continue to do so with the help, love and support of my Phoenix Family.” – G. Orosco

“Beautiful place with amazing staff. They treat you like you are part of their family. The rehab is nice. I feel that my therapist has this magic to make me feel strong. I can definitely feel that my legs are getting stronger each day.” – V. Staton

“This is a nice place for rehab. The nursing and rehab staff are definitely amazing. Also the warm daily visit from the concierge is also nice; that’s just great!” – I. Vazquez

“I really like my dietitian. She visits me everyday during lunch time just to make sure I like my food. I actually started to gain weight thanks to her.” – M. Li

“One thing I really love about this facility is the concierge services. I felt very warm because after I spoke to him the first time, they changed my doctor in here to my PCP just because I mentioned it to the concierge. Simple things like this just amaze me.” – B. Brown

“Although I’ve only been here for three days, I can already see how wonderful the staff is. They listen to you carefully and respect you. Also, my therapist definitely helps me so much. I feel great being in here.” – J. White

“I worked in the same field as a front desk clerk. I really love the setting you have in here. They gave me a private room and it’s beautiful. The staff is lovely and professional. They know the perfect way to take care me. I just had a wonderful session in rehab. I feel great.” – P. Shea

“Being here only a week so far, I just wanted to thanks to my therapist. He helps me feel stronger each day. I am practicing with a walker now. It’s challenge but it’s great.” – I. Canty

“It was great when I know you speak with my language. I was a little afraid and uncomfortable when I first arrived thinking of a communication barrier. After you explained to me about the facility and the staff on the floor, I felt much better. I know my physical therapy, social worker and dietitian all speak the same language as I do — this is definitely is a plus.” – M. Wong

“I picked this facility again because I love the Rehab department. I was here last year and the staff helped me quite a lot. Now I am here to work on my other leg. I already know how much I am going to improve with the help from Rehab.” – S. McNeil

“I like the fact that the facility has many Asian residents and staff. The Chinese food is also great here. I attend the Tai—Chi Program once a week, it makes me feel great.” – M. Li

“I love the Concierge Services. I know I can count on him. Whenever I ask him any questions, he always replies within a timely manner. I am glad that I picked this facility for my dad. Everything seems great in here.” – Daughter of a Resident

“Everyone in this facility works together very well. I can say the rehab department is definitely amazing. I was in a rehab center before, so I kind of already know how it is in a rehab center, but this facility is really something else. Not only does the staff make it different, but the services they provide is really amazing. Being in this facility is really nice.” – R. Orellana

“I love my residents. It doesn’t matter if they are new admissions or old admissions. I care about them as they are my family. I love what I do, I love to come here everyday to see them, to give them the care.” – G. Jing, RN

“The entertainment in here is amazing. What I love the best is “Name That Tune”. I just won this cute teddy bear from it. The music concerts are always great. This is just a happy place.” – A. Kan

“I can feel the facility is getting better, especially right after our resident council meeting. They take our concerns seriously and really try their best to fix them. I really appreciate that.” – A. Willie

“It’s my second time being here. I loved the experience I had before. Therapy is very professional; they know what you really need. They always focus on my weakness and make me stronger.” – J. Destin

“I am here for rehab, but I really love the activities they have in here. This is exactly what I need. They keep me busy so I don’t really lay in my bed watching TV all day. Thank you.” – E. Griffin

“I met so many nice people here. They also have so many nice Chinese programs/events, which I always participate in. Whenever there is a holiday, they always have a special event for us. This is just great.”
– K. Yan

“I can see how everyone coordinates with each other. The team work is fabulous. My son really made a right choice to pick the right facility for me. My therapist is really nice to me, and he helps me feel good and stronger.” – F. Setaro

“I like the idea of concierge services in your facility. He visits me at least once a day just to see how I am doing. Also, with his services, hot towels and snack program are my favorite. I am just having a wonderful experience in here.” – A. Kelsick

“Thank you to the admission office and social worker for arranging my husband and I to be able to stay in the same room. I know they put a lot of effort into this. They made a lot of room changes in order to make this happened. Thank you.” – Q. Yu

“This facility is very nice and very clean. I want to thank my therapist, Gabriel, who is very professional and helps me with getting my strength back. I believe I will be going home very soon.”
– S. Lee

“My family picked here for me because of the Asian population in the facility. Overall, I do like it here. They offer Chinese food for me and every department has Asian staff. I don’t feel afraid and I feel comfortable.” – C. Chen

“I have been here for only two days and I feel very comfortable. The staff here treat me like I am part of the family. The experience I have in here is so different than what I had in the hospital. The best part of the day is every morning when I go to therapy, they are really nice.” – B. Dixon

“I picked the right facility for my mother. The concierge helped me a lot as always. Whenever I need to find out information, I just text him and he guides me with the right direction. This place is really different than others.” – Daughter of a resident

“I love my brand new renovated room. They did a wonderful job in here. In the future, If I need rehab again, here is definitely the top choice.” – J. Ducker

“I want to thank to my therapist. I know I am not the easiest person to deal with, and I can feel that he really cares about me. I told him about my life and we actually laugh together. I know I am not alone in here and I do have a lot of support.” – L. Bass

“…I met with the Director of Nursing and also with the concierge, my problems were solved. This is a new environment for me, and I am glad to know that there will always be someone right there for you — it’s great.” – J. Cox

“I feel everyone here is very professional and happy. Every department works together very well. I can see this is a very nice facility and I am glad to be here.” – K. Lee

“I am pre—diabetic, so I am really glad that the dietitians always monitor what I can have and what I cannot have. Every staff member here is very friendly. One thing I love the most is I got this friendly visit daily from the concierge here. He always brings a big smile with him — that’s just great.” – P. Herbert

“I love the rehab team, they are very professional and friendly. I remember when I first got here, I was really hurting and didn’t want to go do any rehab, but my therapist kept coming back to me and motivated me. I finally gave it a try, then I fell in love with it. Thank you.” – L. Wolfe

“I really appreciated how The Phoenix really thinks about their residents. This [national nursing home] week has been fantastic. Every day we have different surprises. I love the gifts that I received, love the food, and love the entertainments. This facility is great, so much different than the one I stayed before.” – S. Williams

“It’s nice the facility is recognizing their employees. There seems to be an upbeat moral. Thank you CareRite for bringing in Urben Zen and the Weight Watchers Program into the facility.” – L. Weiner, Clinical Coordinator, Nursing

“The Phoenix is a very nice environment; it’s very clean and comfortable. The recreation staff always comes to the floor and shares some nice activities for people.” – M. Rosenthal

“My family decided to put me in this facility because I needed 24 hour care. So far, so good I’ve been through a lot of nice experiences in here. I would like to thank everyone in the facility that takes care [of me] very well.” – J. Zheng

“I was here last year, it was a great experience. This time I just had my knee surgery, I told the hospital that I would like to come to The Phoenix for my rehab. I enjoyed the facility a lot. The nursing team always took care of me, and rehab always made me feel comfortable and strong.” – C. Johnson

“I feel very comfortable being here…I actually made several friends in here. We came from the same city. They have a lot of Asian Staff in nursing, therapy, and recreation — I like it here.” – Y. Ma

“Your facility is really different from others. The Phoenix has a lot of staff here to take care of my needs. There is also Concierge services here. I only know of a concierge in a hotel. I never heard of a concierge in a nursing rehab center. I like your service, especially the warm towel and snacks. Before I came here, I told myself that I really don’t want to go to a rehab center, but I think I made the right choice.” – J. Pang

“I picked [to come] here again because I had a wonderful stay last time. I love the treatment I received here and I love the people here. It’s a wonderful place.” – M. Edwards

“In Rehab, everyone gets along as a team. We try to provide excellent patient care as well as one to one therapy. We just want our residents get better and return back home feeling stronger.” – A. Yu, PT

“Everything is so nice in here. The room is beautiful and very modern looking. The staff is hard working. They always taking care of my concerns. The therapy team is fabulous, I can see my body is recovering with the help from them.” – A. Decker

“I am back, I love this place. You guys have terrific teamwork here. Nursing, Rehab and Recreation are really amazing. This is a big family with lots of love. Everyone is making me so happy; rehab is always on top of my concerns. I feel great being in here.” – G. Mack

“I think it’s really wonderful you have this concierge program here. I know who I can call when I have any concerns. Thank you.” – E. Wright

“I love my nursing coordinator and her team. They treat me with care and respect. They really put their hearts into their job. I actually made friends with a lot people in here. The rehab staff is very nice also. I felt great each time I finished my time in rehab.” – G. NG

“I love my social worker, Joseph. I had a problem with my roommate, and he made this room change for me. Now I made a friend with my new roommate.” L. Kwong

“The Rehab Department is very nice here. They truly know how to make you feel strong day by day. I also really enjoy the entertainment: live music performances, the magic show and the tea party every day at 3pm are some of my favorites. I just think it’s a very great place.” – G. Williams

“I love the concierge services and the amenities. The free phone service, Direct TV and also the shuttle bus made it easier for my family to visit me. The facility is great, they have a really nice team here.” – K. Cheng

“It’s my second time in here. I was here last year for rehab. I had a great experience. I requested to come here after I had my surgery. Each department is very professional. Everyone takes care of me very well, and I am sure the experience will just get better and better.” – F. Serrano

“Everything here is going well. Therapy is awesome! They push you to the point that my body just feels right. I already see great progress ever since I came here.” – L. Goon

“I think it’s really wonderful you have this concierge program you have here. At least I know who I can call when I have any concerns. Thank you.” – E. Wright

“I am back, I love this place. You guys have terrific teamwork here. Nursing, Rehab and Recreation are really amazing. This is a big family with lots of love. Everyone is making me so happy; rehab is always on top of my concerns. I feel great being in here.” – G. Mack

“I’ve never been to a rehab before, and I don’t think it’s that bad after all. I received all the care that I needed, and the entertainment they have in—house were great. I am really glad that I am here.” – E. Lamarr

“I like the fact they have a lot of Asian staff in here. Once I arrived, I really didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. I have to really thank the rehab department for making me feel better each day.” – K. Chin

“I am so happy be at this facility. Every day is so wonderful. I can’t really express how much I like this place. I was really frustrated because I thought I was not a functioning person at all. Therapy really made me feel warm, and educated me little by little on how could I function again. This is a big place with a lot of love; everyone here will listen to your concerns and sure will take care you.” – S. Williams

“I want to thank my dietitian who arranged for me to eat in the Main Dining Room. I met a lot of people there and the best thing is we all came from the same country. We shared a lot of information with each other, and seems like we are all having a good experience at The Phoenix.” – B. Wo

“Everyone at The Phoenix is very caring and respectful. I was very nervous when I came here, but the concierge was very kind and shared a lot of information with me. Therapy is amazing and Mr. Morris is super. He concentrates on my legs and makes me feel stronger each time.” – X. Chen

“I really want to thank everyone here; they treated me like family and helped me in every way possible.”
– M. Frazier

“I was never thinking that I would be in a rehab center. I was afraid to come here in the beginning. People here are friendly, therapy knows what they are doing and they made me feel very good.” – E. Boxil

“The best thing I like about the room is that I have a private phone to use. I love calling my family at night. Nursing is really great. They treated me with respect and kindness.” – P. Adam

“I like the new renovations. Everyday I love to go to the therapy gym for my therapy. I feel stronger each day. Now when my family comes to visit me, I can walk with my son on the floor. I am sure I’ll miss everyone when I leave.” – B. Woo

“The Social Worker is very great. She arranged a room change per my request. I love the new room I am in now, and I get along with my new roommate. I see a lot of Asian staff here, which is great , because I only speak Chinese. I don’t feel left out.” – W. Zhao

“I came here last month. In the beginning I was really uncomfortable. Thank you to my nursing coordinator, Ms. Allen, who made me really comfortable. She stayed on top of everything, making sure that my concerns were taken care of. Of course I want to thank to my therapist. I love him, he always made me feel stronger.” – P. Adam

“I really like the therapy here. I love the way they made me feel, each day I feel stronger than before — this is what I am here for. I know it’s not easy to recover, but with help, I have faith to recover soon.” – J. Li

“It is a very nice place. The staff are amazing. I can feel that they care about all my concerns. I am glad to have picked The Phoenix as my rehab center.” – M. Duduffie

“I enjoy every moment at The Phoenix. I love how the staff care about their residents. I am like part of their family. We joke around and laugh together all the time.”
– T. Mcrae

“I was in another nursing home before and I really didn’t like it. My son did some research and found The Phoenix. I am glad I am here now. It’s wonderful.”
– B. Hinton

“I love every moment that I have spent here for the past four years. I see a lot changes are made for a better way — I love it!”
– C. Jiang

“This is my home. Not only is the nursing department great, but also the Recreation Department is amazing. I can feel that I am part of the family. I met a lot of friends in here and I never feel bored. Thank you for all the care.”
– K. Yu

“I love every moment of being at The Phoenix. They take care me very well. I especially love the beauty parlor here. I got my hair and nails done; they did an amazing job.”
– D. Rusell

“This is my home. I am in the highest floor of the building with a fantastic view of the park. I definitely love all the activities that recreation has. Will I recommend other people to come here? Of course!”
– R. Tuozzo

“I am so happy be at this facility. I’ve been here only two weeks and I received many wonderful positive experiences. I couldn’t do anything after I fell, but right now I can put on clothes by myself, I can eat independently, and I feel that I am a functioning person once again. Thanks to the rehab department.”
– S. Williams

“I’ve been working at The Phoenix for about seven months. I am grateful to work for this great company. There is excellent patient care and my rehab team is amazing. I really appreciated the work that we put in each day for the residents here.”
– K. Rodriguez (Rehab COTA)

“What I like about this place? Definitely the rehab department. I can really feel the way they love their job. They take it to the next level. With the help I received, I am sure I can go home in no time.”
– T. Mcneil

“Being here a little more than a week, I really like this place. People are really kind. Once I arrived, the concierge greeted me with this lovely welcome bag and a nice blanket. The nurses are very caring, always taking good care of me.”
– V. Montgomery

“Being an independent person, I would have never thought that I would be admitted into a nursing home. At first I felt very uncomfortable, but The Phoenix is a place with love and the staff here really care about their residents.”
– J. Obasogie

“I don’t speak English, but we have a lot Asians in The Phoenix, which I feel very comfortable with. The therapy department is really nice and I feel stronger and stronger every day.”
– P. Moy

“I like it here. The staff are always caring. They treat me like it’s not part of their job; they treated me like I am part of the family.”
– R. Ding

“This is a cool place. I am here for rehab and the therapy is amazing. I enjoy all the events they have in here. I see people laughing, gathering together like a big family.”
– M. Aultman

“This is my third stay at The Phoenix. I really love the staff and therapy in here. Therapy really makes me feel strong each day, and I can feel the happiness throughout the building”
– L. Git

“I love my nursing coordinator Ms. Allen and her team. They always treat me so well and always take care of my needs. They make me feel like I am part of the family.”
– P. Lipscomb

“I came here from another nursing home. My son told me about your facility after he came here for a tour. My son and I made this decision to come here. So far, so good. The staff is much better, and The Phoenix has much more activities. I can feel the staff are very caring in here.”
– B. Hinton

“I enjoyed all the events they have in here. There was a live jazz concert, big bingo, and casino night. Every day I enjoy the afternoon tea party at 3 o’clock. I feel the facility and staff is better than before. Every day I have things to do and I don’t feel bored at all”
– Y. Wong

“I can feel with the new administration, there is a new spirit in the facility. It’s like a big house with love, everyone is like family.”
– R. West (Security Supervisor)

“Phoenix is a great place. I was really in a bad mood when I arrived. I didn’t want to go to therapy and I didn’t want to listen to my nurse. They spent their time to talk and listen to me. I really feel great in here. They are the best.”
– C. Khalilah

“I will be leaving tomorrow. I want to thank everyone at The Phoenix for taking care of me so well. The therapy team is amazing. The social worker helped me arrange everything. And the most important is the nursing staff here. They know what they’re doing. I’d give them two thumbs up.”
– S. Felipe

“The changes here are all positive, which will lead to improved working relations and patient care.”
– L. Weiner (Medical Liaison)

“This is my second time here. The last time I had a knee replacement on my left leg, this time I am doing my right leg. Why did I pick here again? The therapy team is amazing. They made me feel really great every time I went downstairs for therapy. The nursing staff and concierge are a big help, too. They make sure I am enjoying my stay.”
– A. Edward

“Being here over two months now, I really enjoy every day. They have a lot of activities for the residents here. The recently upgraded their main dining room, which is also very nice.”
– W. Wong

“I am so glad that The Phoenix has this concierge program. I didn’t know who I should contact to talk about my concerns in the beginning. Thank you for staying on top of everything and making my mom’s stay as comfortable as possible.”
– E. Westmoreland (Daughter of a resident)

“The Phoenix is a very enjoyable place to work. The residents and staff make everyday enjoyable. The facility is being upgraded and making big improvements.” – D. Padell (Operation Manager)

“I came here almost a week ago, ever since I feel so great. It is like a hotel in here. Not to mention how wonderful the staff are, but the rehab team is also excellent. I’ve been in the gym four times already and my legs are sore, but I definitely feel much stronger than before. They are helping me do stair exercises now, and they said I am doing really great. I want to thank everyone at The Phoenix.”
– R. Perez

“I came here a year ago in July. I am here for long—term care. I enjoy all the events they have in here: live jazz concert, big bingo, and casino night. Also I love the karaoke night they got here, because I love to sing. They really care about all the residents here and I am glad to stay here.”
– E. Harper

“The staff is very nice, friendly and very approachable. They have an open door policy. If you have any concerns or questions, you can always go to them. I like the fact that Mr. Carni (Administrator) does his rounds and greets everyone.”
– M. Alvarado (Assistant Director of Recreation)

“Being here more than two years, I see the facility is getting better. People are very friendly and professional. I love how the Recreation Department always has nice activities. Also, we have the resident council meeting once a month. They listen to our concerns and try their best to solve any problems. Overall, I do see The Phoenix as home and people as my family.”
– A. Rhodes (President of Resident Council)

“I came here four years ago for therapy. The Phoenix is a new environment. The staff were very nice to me and therapy was very professional. They made me feel more comfortable. I can see ever since with the new administration, things are really improving and more organized than before. I like the idea they have an afternoon tea party everyday at 3pm. This is where my friends and I gather.”
– K. Yu

“I came here three months ago for rehab services. I felt very weak and I needed to learn how to support myself with one leg. I see a great improvement and I am really happy to stay here. I definitely have to say thank you to all the people who is here for me. You guys are the best.”
– A. Gordian

“I came here three years ago. In the beginning, I was here for rehabilitation services. After recovering, I decided to stay here. Not only are the therapists amazing, but the staff in other departments are great also. The Recreational Department created so many lovely events for us. I really enjoy them. In those three years, I see many things have changed. Things are improving, especially under the new administration. Recently I just got my own private room, which is lovely. My family can come visit me more often and spend time with me more.”
– Huynh L.

“I came here a month ago for rehabilitation services. I really appreciated what The Phoenix has done for me. Being a Pastor, I have a lot of visitors very frequently. Once I arrived, they were capable to provide me with a private room, which is lovely. The rehabilitation team here is great. They always make me feel great during my time in the rehabilitation department.”
– T. Boyd

“I came here in the beginning of May; I was in a terrible condition. I couldn’t walk at all. It has been over a month already with physical therapy. I can see great improvement. Right now I am actually doing stair practicing. It’s still hard for me, but with the help of the staff, I believe I can see the improvement soon.”
– L. Gueits

“I want to get my leg fixed so I can go home, but everyone in The Phoenix makes me feel like I am home. I enjoyed every moment here. I made friends here. The recreation staff are nice, and the concierge gave out hot towels. They are really, really nice. I am sure I will miss a lot of people when I leave”
—Evelyn H.

“I’ve lived here almost 20 years. In the beginning I was here for hip replacement, I couldn’t even walk in the past. I chose to stay here for this long because of the staff and environment. In my room, I can see beautiful park across the street, also I met a lot of friends here. I just wanted to say I love it here.”
– S. Mandour

“All I wanted to say is, all the staff in the rehabilitation department are so nice. They are very professional and caring. They educated me very well. Within two weeks, my legs felt much stronger. Now I am practicing on a walker now. I feel great with their help.”
– H. Wong

“I really love nursing home week. I love the way they cater us. On dressed down Friday, everyone got to wear their tee shirt. The food on staff appreciation day was also delicious, especially the shrimp. Overall, I just really appreciated what the facility did for us.”
—Nicola Allen—Lewis, RN

“During nursing home week we had a nice event every day. Big Bingo, Casino, Live Jazz music, they are all wonderful. Every day I had snacks and ice cream — I loved it. I received this nice blue bag, tee shirt and water bottle. I am really happy. I wish I can get gift every week. I really enjoy what this facility offers me.”
– Lucia G., resident