Case Study: The Phoenix Rehabilitation & Nursing Center (August 2019)

Patient’s age: 72-years-old
Admission date: 07/27/19
Admitted from: Flushing Hospital
Discharge date: 08/13/19
Discharged to: Home
Length of stay: 17 days
Reason of stay: Left hip replacement
How did patient hear about the Phoenix? He was recommended by the hospital.

Details of Experience:
Mr. Wai Hing Yeung was admitted to The Phoenix Rehabilitation and Nursing Center with the hope of receiving continued strength building and therapeutic exercises. He was admitted by ambulance from Flushing Hospital. His doctor suggested that the best thing for him at this time would be to seek skilled nursing care and rehabilitation at a local SNF. His goal was to ensure that therapy techniques would support his efforts of recovering his left hip after hip replacement surgery.

When Mr. Yeung arrived at The Phoenix, he was warmly greeted many team members from nursing, housekeeping, social services, to concierge. He shared upon arrival that he was in constant pain, which is to be expected after such a surgery, and that he was quite dependent on others for many things.

He was not overwhelmed by his ailment. On the contrary, he was very optimistic and motivated to heal and recover. Over the first 24 hours of his stay, Mr. Yeung felt comfortable and safe in the community, and he began to participate in many activities in the day room. He also spent a great deal of time connecting with the concierge team here at The Phoenix, sharing his goals, preferences, and overall outlook. His goal, as he offered, was to ensure that he would be back walking independently like before he came into the hospital.

His therapists crafted a comprehensive care plan to make his specific goals and needs based on many assessments, observations, and interviews. He was willing to spend time in the gym room every day alongside his therapists, ensuring that he was quite motivated to accomplish all that was set before him. Mr. Yeung worked hard and had many positive experiences in the community. The nursing staff shared that he often slept well, had a good appetite, and was commonly optimistic throughout his day.

Mr. Yeung shared many instances of positive feedback, especially when considering the level of care offered to him and his noticeable improvement. He was relieved of his pain, which was very important to him and to The Phoenix clinical team. His smile throughout the community became somewhat of commonality in our community – everyone appreciated his energy.

Finally, the day came for his set discharge date, which was determined to be on August 13th. He was discharged home to celebrate his birthday with his loving and supportive family. The nursing team ensured that he had everything that he needed upon returning home, offering education on medication, care, and activities of daily living.

We wish Mr. Yeung continued good health and happiness for more experiences to come!