Case Study: The Phoenix Rehabilitation & Nursing Center (December 2019)

Concierge Name: Zhaoxu Li (Ally)
Patient’s age: 52-years-old
Admission date: 11/08/19
Admitted from: The Brooklyn Hospital Center
Discharge date: 12/13/19
Discharged to: Home
Length of stay: 5 weeks
Reason of stay: Therapy
How did patient hear about the Phoenix? The Hospital Social Worker.

Details of Experience:
Ms. Gary was admitted to The Phoenix Rehabilitation & Nursing Center on November 8th from The Brooklyn Hospital Center. The patient’s admitting diagnosis was syncope and fall with Spinal Cord Injury. She had difficulty walking with muscle weakness and needed short term rehabilitation to recover.

When she arrived at The Phoenix, she was greeted by Security, Admissions, Nursing, Housekeeping, Social Work, Concierge, and Therapy. Each discipline explained the role they would take to help her in her recovery process. She enjoyed independent leisure activities, such as: watching TV and listening to music, church and being with family. She was excited to hear about the different fun activities from the recreation department, who visited and provided a monthly activities calendar. The Recreation Staff would remind and encourage the patient’s participation in unit activities. Within the 24 hours follow up window, the patient was evaluated by Physical Therapy and began her therapy exercises six days per week for four weeks.

Ms. Gary is a positive and very pleasant woman. Every time the Concierge arrived to follow-up with her, her friends would come to visit, she would chat happily and smile. She spent time in the gym every day. She worked hard and had positive experiences in the community. Her feedback was often very positive. After her first few weeks, Ms. Gary became increasingly independent in her wheelchair and would travel from her unit to the hallway by herself. What pleasant news it was to hear of this great improvement.

During the final week of her stay, Ms. Gary was feeling much better. She went to the dining room for her meals independently. The patient was scheduled for discharge on December 13th. Ms. Gary left the Phoenix as scheduled. The Social Worker continued to follow up with this patient. Her feedback was that the patient is doing well. The Physical Therapist and Registered Nurse are scheduled to visit her at home. We hope Ms. Gary fully recovers and enjoys a wonderful life.