Case Study: The Phoenix Rehabilitation & Nursing Center (January 2019)

Patient’s age: 64-years-old
Admission date: 04/01/18
Admitted from: Interfaith hospital
Discharge date: 01/31/19
Discharged to: Home
Length of stay: 9 months
Reason of stay: Diabetes, Gangrene in foot.
How did patient hear about the Phoenix? Recommended by hospital.

Mr. Jones’ began his journey at The Phoenix Nursing and Rehabilitation Center on April 1st, 2018, arriving from Interfaith Hospital located in Brooklyn, New York. He sought to be a short-term resident to receive physical therapy on his foot, which was suffering from gangrene. Along with our therapy staff, he would also be assisted with an outsourced company who would be coming into our community to aide him with his walking.

Once Mr. Jones arrived at our community, he was very positive with our home. He noticed how clean everything was and noticed the wonderful renovations being done. He admired this because he felt that if the community was under renovations, then they were dedicated to how they presented themselves, which Mr. Jones respected very much.

He also noticed how large the community was and that The Phoenix is home to many different cultures, so that was something that made him feel comfortable! Mr. Jones was greeted by everyone here at The Phoenix from the front desk, admissions office, physical therapy, housekeepers, maintenance, social workers, and recreational staff.

Towards the beginning of his physical therapy, it was a bit challenging due to his lack of exercise and the severity of the pain he was in, but he trusted the therapists as he believed they were very knowledgeable and very helpful.

Mr. Jones was not a very social person, but he did not want to be the type of person to stay in bed all day. He would spend a lot of time with the recreational staff finding out what events were going on, and at The Phoenix, we are big on events! The recreational staff always wants to keep the residents engaged. The goal of Mr. Jones’ plan was to have him complete his physical therapy for his foot while also giving him proper medications to ease the pain.

Mr. Jones participated in therapeutic activities such as Urban Zen Integrative Therapy, offering holistic therapeutic approaches to his treatment plan.

Mr. Jones began to enjoy his time at our community and was making a lot of progress. He was walking much stronger and healthier. Unfortunately, his insurance began to no longer cover his expenses, and Mr. Jones became discouraged. He did not have a place to live outside of The Phoenix, so he became very stressed. The Phoenix wanted to accommodate him, as we do with all of our patients and residents, so we were able to find another open room for him on a long-term floor.

As time progressed, Mr. Jones developed a close relationship with one of our patient concierges. One day, our concierge noticed Mr. Jones was frustrated and stressed while searching for apartments on the computer, so our concierge was able to give Mr. Jones a list of websites and numbers to call to find affordable housing to assist in his search. Mr. Jones truly appreciated the nice gesture from the concierge.

Mr. Jones had been very patient with applying for when he finally got a call from housing, they wanted him to move in on the first of the month and they were going to meet his expectations of what he needed, he was also going to have a house attendant come by often to check on him and help him out with anything he needed.

Mr. Jones was discharged on January 31st, 2019. He felt a big relief because he was here much longer than expected for a short-term resident, but due to his situation, he had to stay long. Mr. Jones thanked everyone at The Phoenix for being so helpful and attentive while he was at our community. He said he would recommend anyone who needed skilled nursing and rehabilitation, to The Phoenix. We wish him nothing but success and great health!