Case Study: The Phoenix Rehabilitation & Nursing Center (June 2019)

Patient’s age: 59-years-old
Admission date: 06/07/19
Admitted from: Mount Sinai Hospital
Discharge date: 06/14/19
Discharged to: Home
Length of stay: 7 days
Reason of stay: Completion of IV antibiotics for transplanted kidney status
How did patient hear about the Phoenix? His mother-in-law was a previous patient at The Phoenix.

Details of Experience:
Mr. Nathan Carson admitted to The Phoenix Rehabilitation and Nursing Center for one week, arriving at our community from Mount Sinai Hospital. He had heard of The Phoenix and the services our community provides from his mother-in-law, who was once a patient at our community. He arrived in need of IV antibiotic treatments as a result of a kidney transplant. His physician suggested that in efforts of continued healing and strength-building, it would be best that he seek skilled nursing care upon discharge from the hospital.

When Mr. Carson was admitted to The Phoenix, he was able to ambulate himself. Upon assessment of his clinical review, he presented with a right arm midline IV placement. He was able to understand and follow verbal cues – he was alert and oriented. Essentially, he was very independent with his activities of daily living and needed clinical support with administration of medications.

His renal transplant surgical scar healed very well, with no signs of infection. He shared that he was not in pain or experiencing discomfort. Over the course of his first 24 hours, Mr. Carson was greeted by our nursing team, dietitian, social worker, concierge, therapists, and physician staff.

Mr. Carson shared that he had great first impressions of the community, and felt very welcome in his first moments as a patient at The Phoenix. He often complimented and shared glowing words of praise for our clinical team members, who offered warm smiles and consistent service throughout his stay. He had many questions, and there were many team members available to support his inquiries.

Patricia, from our clinical dietary services team, oversaw Mr. Carson’s renal diet plan. Education and supervision were provided daily to ensure that he would receive nutritious meal plans that would support his effort of continued healing.

He was also encouraged to attend recreational programming that were geared to his personal interests. For example, he would engage commonly with the recreation team in efforts of offering joy, engagement, and opportunities for leisure to Mr. Carson throughout his stay.

On June 12th, the day finally came for Mr. Carson to attend his last care plan meeting – focusing on accommodations to discharge home! Discussions were had involving his progress and forecasted medical care. During his care plan meeting, Mr. Carson shared that he was in absolutely no pain, discomfort or distress. He was independent in his daily motions and was in good condition considering his intensive procedure just a short few weeks ago.

Mr. Carson was always optimistic when attending therapy, sometimes even excited to workout as he knew this would all contribute to his added success this far. Mr. Carson discharged home on June 14th after a successful one week stay with us! We wish him and his family nothing but continued healing and success in the future!