Case Study: The Phoenix Rehabilitation & Nursing Center (October 2019)

Patient’s age: 56-years-old
Admission date: 09/24/2019
Admitted from: New York-Presbyterian Lower Manhattan
Discharge date: 10/19/2019
Discharged to: Community
Length of stay: 25 days
Reason of stay: Rehabilitation
How did patient hear about the Phoenix? The resident heard from the Social worker from the hospital.

Details of Experience:
Mr. Colon was admitted to The Phoenix Rehabilitation & Nursing Center on September 24th, 2019 from New York-Presbyterian Lower Manhattan. While at the hospital, he suffered from great difficulty with walking due to muscle weakness. He connected often with his social worker and the clinical team at NYP, and they recommended that he seek extended therapy from a skilled nursing center. Mr. Colon entrusted The Phoenix for his healing and recovery.

On Mr. Colon’s first day as a patient at The Phoenix, he was surprised by the incredible warmth from the team. He met his nurse and nursing assistant upon arrival and immediately felt more comfortable. As he admitted during the evening hours, he was incredibly anxious to get a good night’s sleep in preparation for his first full day of therapy. Mr. Colon was introduced to his speech therapist, where a clinical evaluation was completed to ensure that he would be safe and get the most from his nutritional plan and therapy. Alongside the clinical dietitian, Mr. Colon was beginning to build his swallowing treatment plan. The team concluded that it would be in Mr. Colon’s best interest to receive chopped meals, nectar consistency liquids, a no added salt diet, and a diabetic meal plan. The team also noted that he was allergic to apples.

Mr. Colon also was beginning his track in physical and occupational therapy, in which he would participate in therapy six days a week for four weeks. He was excited to begin this portion of his stay and it was only made more enticing by completing therapy in our brand new therapy gymnasium! The feeling of safety and comfort meant a great deal to Mr. Colon as he worked alongside his therapists to regain the man he once was.

In his leisure time, he often enjoyed participating in therapeutic recreation programs in our main day room on the first floor. He would participate in programs alongside fellow patients when he wasn’t resting in his room after therapy.

With each week, Mr. Colon continued to progress, grow, and heal. He followed a nutrition-rich meal plan while with us and was very prompt with his medications. The clinical team was always happy to connect with him if he ever had any questions in regards to his medication plan. With support from speech therapy, he was finally approved and upgraded to a “regular diet,” which included solid foods and thin liquids.

The day finally came where Mr. Colon was scheduled to discharge back home on October 19th. He connected with our social services and discharge planning team to ensure he was in receipt of all supplies and well-equipped with his resources.

We wish Mr. Colon the very best in his future endeavors!