Case Study: The Phoenix Rehabilitation & Nursing Center (Q1 2023)

Concierge Director: Melissa Peterkin
Patient Age: 58
Admission Date: 01/27/2023
Admitted from: The Brooklyn Hospital Center
Discharge date: 02/13/2023
Length of stay: 17 Days
How did this patient hear about The Phoenix Rehabilitation and Nursing Center? Patient was given a list of options and received a tour from concierge.
Reason for stay: Post op left knee replacement.


Details of experience:

Ms. Morales was admitted to The Phoenix Rehabilitation and Nursing Center on January 27th, 2023, from The Brooklyn Hospital Center where she was initially was admitted to undergo surgery for left knee replacement. Prior to admission Ms. Morales came to our community to have a tour of the building which was conducted by the concierge team, she shared during tour that she was very pleased with the appearance and cleanliness of the building and how attentive she saw the staff were.

During her first 24hrs at The Phoenix Ms. Morales felt at comfortable and less anxious because she stayed in contact with the concierge department prior admission to ensure the transition went smoothly. During her first week at The Phoenix Ms. Morales was ambitious in reaching her therapy goals, although she shared with us that even though things were running well she did feel a little home sick but that wasn’t going to stop her from having a safe discharge into the community. Ms. Morales grew a great bond with our nursing staff as well as recreation department, she stated she enjoyed communicating with the nursing staff that came in to assist her and the recreation team that came and offered activities for her to be able to part-take in to get involved with others. Within that week she shared that there were some days that she felt unmotivated but just by speaking to staff it encouraged her to successfully endure her therapy sessions each day, even doing independent stretches in her room till it was time for her session.

Her goals were to be able to have pain free ambulation and be able to ambulate up and down 15 flights of stairs. Her therapy goals were to be able to ambulate on leveled surfaces/household distances of 250ft with minimal to no assistance and have pain free ambulation and be able to ambulate independently without assistance. During her stay Ms. Morales worked closely with the therapy team to meet all goals needed with goals of becoming more independent on her daily care. During the last week at The Phoenix Ms. Morales began preparing discharge, along with therapy ordering the necessary home equipment that is needed for her care. Ms. Morales had successfully met her therapy goals now being able to have pain free ambulation when going from one destination to another as well as being able to use the stairs how she use to. After discharge The Concierge Team reached out to Ms. Morales and she shared that she was pleased with her choice of picking The Phoenix to endure physical therapy because everyone works well with the patients and really do their very best to ensure a safe discharge.

The Phoenix Rehabilitation sends warm wishes to Ms. Morales and all the best going forward.