Case Study: The Phoenix Rehabilitation & Nursing Center (Q4 2022)

Concierge Director: Melissa Peterkin
Patient Age: 58
Admission Date: 10/10/2022
Admitted from: Interfaith Medical Center
Discharge date: 11/03/2022
Length of stay: 24 Days
How did this patient hear about The Phoenix Rehabilitation & Nursing Center? Patient was previously admitted before for therapy purposes.
Reason for stay: Post op left hip replacement.  

Details of experience:

Mr. Cooper was admitted to The Phoenix Rehabilitation and Nursing Center on October 10th, 2022, from Interfaith Medical Center, where he was initially admitted to undergo surgery for left hip replacement. During his first 24 hrs at The Phoenix, Mr. Cooper felt at ease because he was able to recognize a few familiar faces as it was going to be his second stay with us. In his previous stay, he underwent surgery for a right hip replacement and shared upon discharge that he felt welcomed. Mr. Cooper was greeted by our nursing, recreation, concierge, and therapy departments moments after his arrival.

During his first week at The Phoenix, Mr. Cooper was very determined to successfully complete his therapy journey, although some days he felt unmotivated but with the help of our amazing Urban Zen program and our concierge team doing daily follow-ups in regards to his stay, he felt more self-confidence in being able to complete his physical therapy goals to be able to safely return back home and continue doing activities he enjoyed.

His goals were to be able to have pain-free ambulation and be able to ambulate up and down stairs. His therapy goals were to be able to ambulate on leveled surfaces/household distances of 200 ft with minimal to no assistance. During Mr. Cooper’s stay, he was pleased with how our dietary team improved and was able to accommodate his food preferences and how the recreation department provided activities and events to partake in to make his stay more comfortable.

During the last week at The Phoenix, he improved on his therapy and was able to be independent in mobile functions with limited to no assist without pain, initially successfully completing his therapy goals. Ms. Cooper spoke with the concierge team and shared that he’s beginning to feel like himself again and was happy he could return home to get a chance to take a walk in the park with his loved ones before the weather gets colder; also, he thanked the team for their hospitality. Mr. Cooper also shared that he was pleased with returning a second time after his surgery, and the reason he came back is because our therapy services are very successful along with the staff customer service.

After discharge, the Concierge Team reached out to Mr. Cooper, and he shared he feels like a brand new person, thanked the team again, wishing everyone a happy holiday.

The Phoenix Rehabilitation sends our love to Mr. Cooper and wishes him all the best in his future endeavors!