Case Study: The Phoenix Rehabilitation & Nursing Center (September 2018)

Patients age: 70-years-old
Admission date: 08/31/18
Admitted from: Brooklyn Hospital
Discharged To: Home will be in care of family.
Length of stay: 3 weeks
Reason of stay: Physical Therapy
How did this patient hear about the community? He was recommended by the hospital.

Mr. Victor Novoa was admitted into The Phoenix on August 31, 2018, from the Brooklyn Hospital Center for rehabilitation of his leg, he also suffered from a mild stroke.

Mr. Novoa’s perception of our community was very positive. He was very pleased with how clean the building was and how friendly the staff were to him. When he arrived to the community, he met the wonderful staff. When he met the concierge, he felt very welcomed because the concierge went with him to his room and greeted him with welcome gifts. He also met the social workers who were very detailed, polite, and knowledgeable about what he needed to have done while staying at The Phoenix.

For the first 48 hours of his stay at The Phoenix, he spent a lot of time with his wife who came to visit him every day, he also began his rehabilitation process which was going very well. The care plan was to help him get the strength to begin walking again with the walker.

Mr. Novoa had great experiences at The Phoenix. He began to participate in different activities that the recreation staff were hosting such as, board games, tea parties, and concerts. Mr. Novoa was enjoying a successful rehabilitation process while working with different walking exercises. Mr. Novoa would also spend a great deal of time with the patient concierge, discussing personal information about his life, as he wanted someone he could open up to and interact with.

Mr. Novoa’s discharge date was September 24th. He was discharged back into his place of residence where he would continue receiving intensive, loving care from his family and friends. He was now able to walk with a walker so that he could continue living his life to the fullest. It was a pleasure having Mr. Novoa here at our community. He was always in great spirits, very positive, interacted well, and was a pleasure for other residents and staff. We as a community wish him nothing but great health and success!